When is Cocomelon Season 5 Coming to Netflix?

When is Cocomelon Season 5 Coming to Netflix? This is the question that currently concerns many parents. Unfortunately, we have bad news for you.

Cocomelon is a popular children’s show, which focuses on the adventures of a group of babies and retells classic nursery rhymes. The show has absolutely great streaming numbers and broke a record in 2020 for being in Netflix’s top 10 most-watched shows for 62 days.

As Cocomelon has been a great success for the streamer among the younger audience, it’s no surprise many are wondering when it will return.

When is Cocomelon season 5 coming to Netflix?

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for new episodes of the “best kid animated series” to be released this month, then be prepared for some serious disappointment because Cocomelon season 5 is not coming to Netflix in November 2021 and you have to find other ways to entertain the kids.

The first possible release date for season 5 could be April 2022.  This is just our prediction, and Netflix could choose to quietly renew and release the fifth season at any point.


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