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“Squid Game”: Schools in the UK and Belgium warn against Netflix series

British schools warn against “Squid Game”

The South Korean series “Squid Game” is a huge success for Netflix. But apparently, some students are taking the story as a model and reenacting brutal scenes. Schools in the UK and Belgium are therefore now turning to parents and threatening sanctions.

“Squid Game” is macabre, brutal. Netflix boss Ted Sarandos explained in an interview with Variety:  “We didn’t see this global popularity coming.” Viewer numbers are currently so good that the South Korean drama could become “the biggest series ever.” Bigger than “Bridgerton,” which was recently crowned Netflix’s most popular in-house production.

The series revolves around a brutal game show in which 456 people deeply in debt, such as unemployed and betting-addicted chauffeur Geong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), participate and compete in games from their childhood for a million-dollar prize, but also for their lives. Six rounds are lined up, and whoever loses one of them also loses their life. For each participant who falls, even more money goes into the jackpot. This spectacle is staged by mysterious masked men in a remote location.


Incidents at Belgian school as well

In Belgium, children apparently acted out the brutal scenes in the playground and teachers are now warning against it. A school in Erquelinnes, Belgium, wrote on its Facebook page that students were reenacting games. Whoever lost, was punished with beatings instead of death.

The school calls for these games to be stopped. Those who do not abide by it must expect sanctions. An appeal to parents follows: “We count on your support and cooperation to make your children aware of the consequences.”


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