la casa de papel beer

“La Casa De Papel Beer” by Estrella Galicia

“La Casa De Papel Beer” is on the way.

Estrella Galicia is a Spanish brewery with over a hundred years of history. It is a brand of pale lager beer, manufactured by the company Hijos de Rivera Brewery, and located in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

Now, the Spanish beer brand is launching a “La Casa De Papel Beer”, a special edition with a “House of Money” label to broadcast the final episodes of the hit series from 3 December 2021. In the coming days, 85 million bottles of Estrella Galicia will reach the international market of the brand with this image. Consumers in 60 countries around the world can purchase the special edition La Casa de Papel (Money Heist).

The brewery points out: “Estrella Galicia has made the success of the Netflix series his own. The integration of the brand has taken place on a large scale and the fans of LaCasa de Papel (Money Heist) have fully identified with the values of La Resistencia, the motto of our brand. “Estrella Galicia has long been associated with the seriesHouse of Money”. Some Reddit users noticed, that the beer is shown in the series, in the form of product placement.

La Casa De Papel Beer

It is a special edition. The beer bottles show not only the masks inspired by painter Salvador Dali, but also the Netflix logo. However, this is not a special beer, only the label is different.

This action is another step forward in the notoriety and global positioning strategy of Estrella Galicia.



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