Clickbait Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and More

Watch out, Clickbait! On Netflix, there will be a mini-series of that name in August. Now the official teaser trailer has been released, which makes you curious about the story with Adrian Grenier in the lead role.

Starring: Zoe Kazan, Betty Gabriel, Adrian Grenier

Creators: Tony Ayres, Christian White

Clickbait Netflix cast

  • Adrian Grenier as Nick Brewer
  • Zoe Kazan as Pia Brewer
  • Betty Gabriel as Sophie Brewer
  • Phoenix Raei as Roshan Amir
  • Elizabeth Alexander as Andrea Brewer
  • Abraham Lim as Ben Park
  • Jessie Collins as Emma Beesley
  • Ian Meadows as Matt Aldin
  • Steve Mouzakis as Zach De Luca
  • Daniel Henshall as Simon Oxley
  • Motell Foster as Curtis Hamilton
  • Jaylin Fletcher as Kai Brewer
  • Cameron Engels as Ethan Brewer

Netflix clickbait


Grenier portrays Nick Brewer as a father, husband, and brother in the series Clickbait by Tony Ayrres. Everything’s fine until Nick disappears all of a sudden. The mystery of his disappearance becomes bigger when a video appears on the Internet showing Nick holding up a card. It says “I abuse women” and Nick looks abused too. But that’s not all, because now the name of the show gets its meaning. If the video gets clicked five million times, Nick is supposed to die. What is behind this action? Is Nick really a tormentor of women and is this his confession? Or is someone trying to play a nasty prank on him?

Clickbait | Netflix – offizielle Webseite


Nick’s sister Pia wants to get to the bottom of the matter. Together with Nick’s wife Sophie, she wants to save Nick. But the two come into contact with a side of Nick they didn’t know yet. The whole family is affected, and the views of the video continue to rise. The story becomes the biggest news the nation has had so far. Detective PHOENIX Raeil is entrusted with the case and gets himself into the biggest shitstorm of his life.

Season 1 Coming August 25

Betty Gabriel (“Get Out”), Zoe Kazan (“The Big Sick”), and Adrian Grenier (“Entourage”) costar in this cyber-thriller series.

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